The Bluest Light

Sage Wand | Air Element


Wand Blend | White Sage, Intentional Flowers

Clearing, Purifying, Invoking Peace + Love

Wand Length: varies 4" - 6" 

Begin each morning purifying your aura and room with the Air Element Sage Wand. The wand releases a strong, steady burn needed for ritual practice.

We use a variety of intentional flowers, many of which are foraged or grown by our collective. Other elements, such as white sage, are sustainably grown from local, family-owned farms. 

Jasmine, one of the most mystical flowers also known as Queen of the Night, is a natural remedy used to increase happiness, lull you into a better night's rest, and increase feelings of intimacy. Often used in love + divination + prophecy spells through the years, it is the perfect lunar flower for your wand. 

A symbol of the heart throughout time, rose can evoke love + romance and joy. It also acts as a natural aphrodisiac and has been used to represent the ancient goddess. 

Harnessing clearing, invoking + purifying energy dates back thousands of years in European cultures. In ancient Greece, "smudging" was included in rituals to contact the dead after periods of silence + fasting. For Danish traditions, every dark corner of the entire house was "smoked" after long, cold winters and many parts of England practiced burning herbs in their homes. In some Native American cultures, "smudging" is a sacred practice, used in ceremony and spiritual healing. 

Our Air Element Sage Wand provides a thoughtful blend of elements for maximum benefit. When lit, the magical aspects of each herb are released into the air.

To experience the Air Element Sage Wand:

We recommend to light a candle, then use the flame to ignite your element wand. To use, light the end of the wand for a few seconds until it begins to glow, then blow it out completely releasing the herbal smoke into the ether. Using the wand, wave it in a circle around your aura and space. Make sure to open a window or encourage airflow to remove the stagnant energy. 

Always use caution when using fire and burning sage wands. Only use with fireproof containers. When finished using the saging tool make sure the flame is completely extinguished. Only use in well-ventilated areas. Store only in fireproof containers when done using. 


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