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Deep Clearing + Black Tourmaline | Nº 3 | Moon Mist



Potion Nº 3 |  Deep Sage + Rosemary + Palo Santo + Sacred Herbs

This ancient blend is meant for the release of deeper energy + shadow work. It is a stronger blend to loosen the energetic cords of intense spaces + emotions. When there is a deep shift needed, this is your go-to powerful tool.

Black Tourmaline is the crystal base of this sacred blend, it is beautifully balanced with intense energy + grounding. Black Tourmaline is a lustrous hexagonal crystal known for its ability to clear energies of all kinds, and anchor your energy into the Earth.

If you are feeling intense stress + darkness, this stone has been used in practice to banish + protect your energy. We often use it to cleanse the auric field.

This stone has been used in healing modalities to improve mood, detox the body from environmental metals + pollution, improve healthy circulation, manage compulsions + stress + anxiety, and boost immunity. 

Our deep clearing moon mist potion is crafted under the full moon, with a palo santo-infusing ceremony, and cleansed with selenite. We craft this sacred spray using ancient rhythms of the natural world, with a profile intended for deep rituals.  

For the full experience:

This mist is intended for a deep cleanse of your aura, space, gathering, and energy. 

Moon Mist Ingredients:

Exclusive moon water elixir, premium essential oils, witch hazel, black tourmaline

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, All Natural Ingredients

Basics for use: Not to ingest, do not spray directly onto face or in eyes since these are essential oils. Avoid contact with eyes, for external use only. Not for use on pets, infants, broken skin. If irritation begins, discontinue use.


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