The Bluest Light

Spirit | Yerba Santa Wand


Wand Blend | Yerba Santa, Wildflowers, Mint, and Clear Quartz Point

Wand: Approximately 4" in Length

Lean into your dark half, spirit season is upon us. As we approach the part of our year that calls to the night, it is time for the unveiling of the Yerba Santa Wand. 

Strength, protection, boundaries, just a few of the elements needed for the darkness. This is the tool to help you remove dark energies from your auric field and protect your sacred inner self. 

We adore this tool for empowerment and release, when you hold it in your hand you can sense the balance of its light + dark side. Things may come to the surface when you engage your shadow work. Let this tool help to vanquish those darkened corridors of your mind + body + spirit + abode. 

Yerba Santa is strongly intertwined with the water element and considered a regulator. It has been used to release despair, depression, and sorrow. Historically, its leaves have been considered sacred from Spanish heritage and Native Americans, a "holy herb" by name. It has been used to treat lung complications and ailments such as bronchitis, asthma, and allergies. 

This sacred herb is amplified by a clear crystal quartz point to increase its potency. For this Spirit Wand, we gathered marigolds and wildflowers. The brightly-hued flowers are a spiritual symbol, and often used at the center of Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. It is said that the vibrant scent of marigolds attract the departed spirits of families.

For the full experience:

We recommend to light a candle, then use the flame to ignite your Yerba Santa Wand. To use, light the end of the wand for a few seconds until it begins to glow, then blow it out completely, releasing the herbal smoke into the air. 

We introduce this wand into our shadow work and focus its energy during this darkest part of our year. Now is the time for diving deep into this practice, even when met with resistance. Always set a specific intention when using the Yerba Santa Wand.

If there is an area that smells strongly of the burn after you are done, focus attention on moving air through that space, it is likely where negative energy settles in the area. 

Always use caution when using fire and burning wands. Only use with fireproof containers. When finished using the saging tool make sure the flame is completely extinguished. Only use in well-ventilated areas. Store only in fireproof containers when done using.

So mote it be.

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