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Fuchsite | Raw



fairy tale, angelic realms, third eye activation

This stone is often referred to as the fairy tale stone, with specks of iridescent sheen, legends of mermaids and fairies surrounding its history. When you see one, you'll understand how this magical mineral became the stuff of legends. 

In healing practices, Fuchsite is used to shift energy in a positive direction. It can be combined with other crystals to channel + enhance their energy. When experiencing rapid awakening, it has helped to release emotional overload.  It has been used to assist in recovery from trauma, and in practices of encouraging self-worth while removing energetic blocks.


This crystal can be charged under the full moon and cleared with sage or moonbeams.

Stone: Varies, 1"- 2" length. 

Every stone is slightly different in shape, size, coloration.

Energy Work: Heart Chakra

Mohs Hardness Scale: 2.5

Element Nature: Earth

All stones have been charged under the full moon and cleansed with white sage.

Crystals + gemstones have been used in human history since the dawn of recorded time. For spiritual practices, in ritual work, and healing of the mind + body. The information provided on this site is metaphysical in nature, and not to be used for medical diagnosis.

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