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Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone | Small



connection to nature, ancient wisdom, grounding

It has long been told that petrified wood holds ancient knowledge and secrets of the trees. It is the keeper of Earth's sacred history. The word "petrified" has roots from the Greek language, meaning quite literally wood turned into stone and the process takes over one hundred years. It is the fossilized form of vegetation, and very important for grounding rituals. 

These stones were revered by ancient cultures as they were thought to contain the knowledge from the trees. They believed these stones possessed magical qualities.

Our Favorite Use:

Keep your stone on your body to benefit from its stress relief + anti-anxiety properties.  


Size: Approximately 1.5"l X 1"w X 1.5"h 

This crystal can be charged under the full moon and cleared with sage or moonbeams.

Every stone is slightly different in shape, size, coloration, and is hand-selected specifically for you.

Energy Work: frequently used for root and sacral chakras, ancestral healing

Mohs Hardness Scale: 7

Element Nature: Earth

All stones have been charged under the full moon and cleared with white sage.

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