The Bluest Light

Pink Himalayan Quartz Cluster | Medium



meditation, high vibration, universal

Unearthed from above the clouds on peaks of mountaintops, Himalayan Quartz is coveted for its high vibrational properties that stimulate the third eye chakra and the strong spiritual energy. It is referred to as "The Eyes of God" by the native people and believed to carry the activating energy of the mountains. 

Also known as the light stone, this delicate beauty is filled with glimmering crystal points. This cluster is a wide, shallow piece with crystal points reaching in all directions and is very pale pink in color.  


Approximately: 6"l x 4"w x 2"d

This crystal can be charged under the full moon and cleared with sage or moonbeams.

These crystals are sensitive to light, keep out of direct sunlight to preserve the color. 

Energy Work: frequently used for the third eye chakra

Mohs Hardness Scale: 7 

Element Nature: Spirit

All stones have been cleansed under the full moon and cleared with white sage from our Moon Garden.

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