The Bluest Light

Ruby Fuchsite | Sphere



multidimensional, unity, emotional relief

If this is your first experience with Ruby Fuchsite, there are a few things you should know. This magnificent sphere is infused with ruby and fuchsite, both very powerful in their own right. 

The legends surrounding rubies are steeped in history and mythos. Gems were worn on the left side of soldiers, believed to make them invincible. They were used as a sedative to calm the mind and draw anger out of the body. 

Born out of the fire, as the tale goes, ruby was created from the god's lightning. It could foretell disaster by changing color as a warning and often used to ward off evil spirits. 

The power comes in the combination of this mythical gem and the fusion of fuchsite, a beautifully reassuring stone. Fuchsite puts in the work, transforming situations in your life that have a negative impact, and shifting you to a positive mindset. 

We love the sphere shape since it is considered the most powerful, radiating its benefits out in all directions. 


Mindful meditations are wonderful to take advantage of the yin and yang energies from this powerful blend. Accessing both the dark and light is best to achieve the benefits of ruby fuchsite. 


This crystal can be charged under the full moon and cleared with sage or moonbeams.

Size: Approximately 3.5" diameter.

Every stone is slightly different in shape, size, coloration, and is hand-selected specifically for you.

Energy Work: frequently used for the third eye chakra

Mohs Hardness Scale: Fuchsite 2, Ruby 9

Element Nature: Spirit

All stones have been charged under the full moon and cleared with white sage from our Moon Garden.

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