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Santal + Sands | Nº 16 | Sea Candle


rich santal + sandalwood, enchanted glowing sands, golden amber

Potion Nº 16 | Santal + Sandalwood, Golden Island Amber

Santal + Sands draws inspiration from the mythical island dwelling of Aeaea, home to the goddess, Circe. Enchantingly beautiful, this scent will fill the senses with rich, island sandalwood, which was often used in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. 

For ritual practice, this sultry candle can be used to harness + focus on calling in your intentions and dreams you are seeking to manifest.

Adorned with Peach Moonstone for its soothing + passionate qualities, the 8 oz sea candles are crafted by hand with the rhythms of the moon. Poured into recycled glass jars, these ethereal candles are wonderful for any space.

inspired location 41.0730°N  13.0397°E

A few helpful tips for your candle:

  • Before you light your candle each time, trim the wick to about 1/4" prior to lighting. This will include the first time you use it. Only trim a wick that is cool, and not hot or burning. Discard your wicks when cool in a waste bin. 
  • For the most efficient burn, the wick should be in the center of the candle, away from all sides.
  • When the candle is complete, clean out any remaining wax and use it as a vase, crystal holder, or for storage. 

Sea Candle Ingredients:

We craft a perfect blend of soy  wax + coconut, add a magical potion of fine fragrance oils, and use a cotton wick. 100% recycled glass container.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free


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