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Scolecite | Palm Stone



inner peace, communication, transformation

This sacred palm stone is often used to connected deeply with your breath and slow the mind. Scolecite has a very calming, peaceful, and steady energy. 

It is known as the stone of inner peace, and often used to open energetic blocks in the body, allowing energy to flow and regenerate. 

Carry it with you in times of stress, incorporate it into your breathing rituals + meditation, and use it to open energy flow before journaling.


Size: Stones vary in size

Every stone is slightly different in shape, size, coloration, and hand-selected for the highest quality. 

This crystal can be charged under the full moon and cleansed with smoke from herbs.

Energy Work: Frequently used for Third Eye + Crown Chakra

Mohs Hardness Scale: 5

Element Nature: Air

All stones have been charged under the full moon and cleared with ritual herbs.

Crystals + gemstones have been used in human history since the dawn of recorded time. For spiritual practices, in ritual work, and healing of the mind + body. The information provided on this site is metaphysical in nature, and not to be used for medical diagnosis.

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