The Bluest Light

Spirit | Element Set


Gather round, for the season of spirit has commenced. Can you feel it in the air? The darkness of the night has arrived, and the world is leaning into her divine energy. 

For those of you who have found yourself here, welcome. We have what you seek, and that which is seeking you. 

We bring you our collection from the depths, it is a most powerful experience for those who are doing the work required. If it calls to you, do not delay. It will disappear back into the darkness imminently. 


  • Smoky Quartz Crystal Point 
  • New Moon Bath Salts with Protective Essential Oils
  • Clearing Moon Mist Spray + Black Obsidian
  • Yerba Santa Wand


Smoky quartz is one of the most sophisticated crystals for those in need of its power. The magical properties draw like an energetic siphon, pulling unwanted energy into its core. The depth of its smoky color varies greatly and is personal preference to the individual need. The stone chooses you

Physically it is used to quell chronic pain, remove electromagnetic toxins, and ground the body. Throughout the ages, people have placed this crystal on windowsills to keep out unwanted energy. 


Specialty Potion | Essential Oil Blend of protective herbs

Revel in the fresh beginnings that our new moon awakening bath salts provide. Reminiscent of the moonstone crystal, our signature blend includes black lava Hawaiian salts + the highly beneficial ancient dead sea salts, and Epsom all charged under full moonbeams. This blend is meant to focus the mind in safe waters and restore the body with beneficial salinity.


Potion Nº 3 | White Sage + Palo Santo + Ritual Herbs, Black Obsidian

This blend will guide you in the answers you seek. Thoughtfully crafted with intentional items used for hundreds of years across several cultures, this potion of sage + rosemary + cedarwood aids your inner practices. 

Our clearing moon mist potion is crafted under a SUPERMOON, with a palo santo-infusing ceremony, and cleansed with selenite. The supermoon is incredibly powerful, and has pulled flowing rivers in the opposite direction of their natural flow. We craft this sacred spray using ancient rhythms of the natural world, with a profile intended for potent rituals.

But what makes this Spirit blend extraordinary, is the infusion of Black Obsidian. Deeply cleansing + potent, this volcanic stone is birthed from the pure elements of earth, fire, and water. Use it to clear the fog and open the vision of your third eye. Let the auric smoke dissipate for clarity and true sight. It can be used as a shield from negative energy + beings.


Lean into your dark half, spirit season is upon us. As we approach the part of our year that calls to the night, it is time for the unveiling of the Yerba Santa Wand. 

Strength, protection, boundaries, just a few of the elements needed for the darkness. This is the tool to help you remove dark energies from your auric field and protect your sacred inner self. 

We adore this tool for empowerment and release, when you hold it in your hand you can sense the balance of its light + dark side. Things may come to the surface when you engage your shadow work. Let this tool help to vanquish those darkened corridors of your mind + body + spirit + abode. 

Yerba Santa is strongly intertwined with the water element, and considered a regulator. It has been used to release despair, depression, and sorrow. Historically, its leaves have been considered sacred from Spanish heritage and Native Americans, a "holy herb" by name. It has been used to treat lung complications and ailments such as bronchitis, asthma, and allergies. 

This sacred herb is amplified by a clear crystal quartz point to increase its potency. For this Spirit Wand, we gathered marigolds and wildflowers. The brightly-hued flowers are a spiritual symbol, and often used at the center of Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. It is said that the vibrant scent of marigolds attract the departed spirits of families.

Welcome to the Season of the Witch.

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